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September 3, 2016


The group Exile One precursors of Zouk and Soca have revolutionized World and Creole music over the past four decades.

Billboard Magazine of July 1976 in an article on the emergency of Afro-centered music in France singled out the group Exile One which was soaring all over the world in album sales and had sold over 60, 000 albums in France without radio and TV promotion.

In 1975, Exile One became the first Creole music group to sign a recording contract with a major record company (Barclay) now part of the Universal group. Their songs were published by Warner Chappell Music.

From then, decade after decade, Exile One recorded hit after hit released in France, Barbados, Jamaica, Germany, Japan, Colombia and tour many countries of Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, North and South America.

A cover version of an Exile One hit “jamais voir ça” recorded by Brazilian artist Carlos Santos titled “Quero Vocé” sold over three million copies in Brazil.

A careful historical and chronological recording analysis of the music of Exile One will reveal how this group shaped the evolution of Calypso with their brand called “Cadence-Lypso” into Soca in the English speaking Caribbean and the birth of Zouk in the French speaking.

Exile One brought this brand of music to Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Cape Verde Islands and was the first group from the Lesser Antilles to visit and perform in Haiti.

The music of Exile One was copied by many.

Exile One the recipient of numerous awards globally has never ceased performing all over the world mainly in music festivals being the only group being able to demonstrate that particular brand of Creole music which includes elements of Calypso, Haitian Kompa and other influences in a synthesis that continues to fascinate the world.

On September 24, 2016 lead singer Gordon Henderson will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award in Montclair NJ, after receiving the Trail Blazer Award in Washington DC last November.

The group will perform on October 1, at Lupo’s in Providence RI before continuing to Paris, Dominica, Guadeloupe and Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.


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